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Explosion Risk Assessment

Explosion Risk Assessment is designed to assist customers in the evaluation of whether potential risks of dust explosions exist within their facility, and whether related equipment components comply with NFPA standards. An Explosion Risk Assessment is performed on the basis of detailed knowledge of the customer’s facility, equipment and operations, as well as the explosion properties of the materials being handled.  

Through an Explosion Risk Assessment, it can be determined which equipment components have a propensity for a potential dust explosion, and the likelihood of such explosion occurring can be provided.  As part of the Assessment, remedial measures are recommended, including the proposal of explosion suppression and explosion protection equipment, and testing services are available to test the customer’s materials to determine the specific explosion characteristics of each material.

Ingredient Solutions has experience retro-fitting existing equipment with explosion suppression and explosion protection equipment, including the installation of burst panels, flame arrestors, chemical suppression systems, and fast acting valves.  As well, we have experience designing and providing new systems with such equipment options and related controls and alarm systems.

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