Flour Reclaim Systems

Ingredient Solutions Flour Reclaim Systems allow the collection and reuse of flour used in a customer’s process, providing numerous benefits including reduced ingredient cost, improved dough quality, and reduced downtime associated with required maintenance of freezer coils and oven burners caused by migrant flour dust.  

With the use of the Ingredient Solutions Flour Reclaim System, flour is collected using dust collection hoods, air knives and catch pans, then returned to the production line using an automated pneumatic conveying system. Flour can also be collected and filled into portable totes.  All reclaimed flour is sifted and passed through a magnet prior to reuse to ensure the highest level of quality assurance.

Although reduction of flour usage and associated ingredient cost are the primary benefits of a Flour Reclaim System, increased sanitation and housekeeping provide a much cleaner and safer work environment, and reduce the associated labor required to clean plant floors and equipment.

Ingredient Reclaim System
Ingredient Reclaim System
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