Design and Engineering encompass not only the knowledge and experience of Ingredient Solutions personnel, but also the customer’s knowledge and expertise relating to their specific process.  Gaining a full understanding of the customer’s expectations is the first step in the Design and Engineering process.

Ingredient Solutions designs custom systems for each application using standard equipment components and custom fabricated equipment. Taking into consideration the available space, production requirements, plant specifications, ingredient usage, and ingredient handling characteristics, we design and engineer systems that provide the most efficient and economical means for handling your ingredients.

Where testing is required, Ingredient Solutions performs simulations to confirm correct equipment design and operation. This includes pneumatic conveying of ingredients, sifting and sieve analysis, feeding and scaling tests, and other related simulations to confirm proper Design and Engineering.

Process Controls Design

Ingredient Solutions provides process controls including custom control panels, PLCs, communication networks and motor control centers. The design of the electrical controls is a critical step in the process of providing a system that will operate efficiently.  A clear understanding of the customer’s production process allows the electrical controls to be designed to provide necessary feedback and communication, allowing confirmation that the system is operating properly, while exceeding the expectations of the customer.

Ingredient Solutions is capable of providing systems integration allowing for communication and interface between the systems we provide and the customer’s existing equipment and control system. Our ability to completely automate your ingredient batching process, including recipe database systems, and recipe trending and analysis, result in increased production efficiencies while using less manpower.