Ingredient Solutions provides engineered solutions to meet the ingredient handling requirements of each customer. Our Pneumatic Conveying Systems are engineered and manufactured to meet the desired convey rates and process requirements of each application.

Ingredient Solutions offers pressure and vacuum systems designed to convey bulk ingredients in both dilute phase and dense phase applications. Our Pneumatic Conveying Systems include a full range of components for a complete Ingredient Handling System. Whether you need to transfer a single ingredient to a single destination, or multiple ingredients to multiple destinations, Ingredient Solutions can meet your pneumatic conveying needs.

Dehumidified Air Systems

Ingredient Solutions designs custom Dehumidified Air Systems for use in the handling of dry ingredients. Our Systems control both the moisture level and temperature of the air used for the unloading, storage and pneumatic conveying of dry ingredients. These Systems are critical when handling ingredients which are sensitive to moisture and heat.

Dehumidifiers can be equipped with both pre-cooling and post-cooling coils to allow the lowering of the temperature of the incoming air below the dew point, while removing moisture from the air stream. Pressure blowers can be used to deliver cool dry air to void spaces inside storage silo and use bins. As well, cool dry air can be used for the conveying air in our pneumatic conveying systems.

Equipment Options
  • Acoustical Blower Enclosures
  • Bin Vents
  • Convey Tubing
  • Cyclone Receivers
  • Diverter Valves
  • Feeders
  • Filter Receivers
  • Inline Magnets
  • Pneumatic Blower Packages
  • Process Controls
  • Rotary Airlocks
  • Scale Hoppers
  • Screening & Sifting Equipment
  • Storage Bins