Commissioning & Start-Up

Commissioning and Start-up are the final steps of a project, and provide confirmation that the system has been engineered and designed correctly. Knowledge and experience are critical requirements for all personnel performing Commissioning and Start-up services.  Ingredient Solutions personnel have specific knowledge and experience relating to the proper installation and operation of each equipment component we provide to our customers.

Once it has been confirmed that all equipment components have been installed and are operating correctly, our personnel will perform a “dry-run” test of the system, allowing validation of the PLC program. We then introduce material into the system at reduced rates, and slowly bring the system up to full production.  Upon confirmation that the system is operating successfully, the system is turned over to plant personnel as part of the completion of the training process.


Ingredient Solutions provides detailed training services for Operation and Maintenance personnel prior to and during the commissioning and start-up process.  Such training includes a review of the process flow diagram and system layout drawings for purposes of developing a full understanding of the system operation, as well as the function of each equipment component.  In-plant training, including a walk-through of the equipment and hands-on training, provides an understanding of required preventive maintenance and routine inspections required for each equipment component.

System operating issues, related control features, system alarms, and potential issues are discussed in detail during the training process. Recommended troubleshooting techniques are suggested for resolving potential system operating issues.  Upon completion of the commissioning and start-up of each system, operating manuals and information related to equipment components are provided along with a list of recommended spare parts and preventive maintenance schedules.

Turn-Key Systems

Ingredient Solutions specializes in providing Turn-Key Systems for its customers and has developed an understanding of what is required to provide a complete solution to meet a customer’s needs.  From the initial conception of a particular project, all the way through the design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of the equipment, we remain focused on communicating with our customers.  

Only after understanding the customer’s needs, do we begin designing a system for their particular process.  This typically requires a site visit to the customer’s facility to review the customer’s existing process, as well as the opportunity to meet with production and maintenance personnel, quality assurance leaders, engineering staff and other plant personnel.  It is important to Ingredient Solutions that we receive input from all plant personnel who ultimately will be responsible for the system.